Our Story - ShotGun Spiked Seltzer


Brad and Lori Foster have been in the beverage and beer industry for almost three decades. After more than a dozen moves around this beautiful country they both decided to move back to where it all began TEXAS! Lori was born and raised in Texas and they chose Austin where Lori went to school and where both Brad and Lori first met.

After being entrepreneurs in the non-alcohol industry for several years Brad and Lori knew that some of those trends would transfer into the alcohol side of the beverage industry. Brad and Lori always knew they would start their own beverage brand when the opportunity presented itself.

Then one afternoon in 2018, while relaxing on their boat on Lake Austin, among the crowds of fellow boat party-goers, they overheard someone yell, “SHOTGUN!”
Lori turned to Brad,

“That’s it. That’s our brand.”

Brad and Lori decided to launch Texas’ first craft spiked seltzer. At the time, this category was a sea of white slim cans with similar flavors (vodka fruit profiles) and similar alcohol levels. They felt they needed to disrupt the sameness in this category. They decided to deliver flavors that were inspired by craft cocktails with a Texas twist. ShotGun is authentic CRAFT… brewing with all natural ingredients, No artificial sweeteners, and No preservatives.

ShotGun’s vision is to be lead innovators in the seltzer category. They launched their brand on draft in the on-premise (bars, restaurants, hotels, resorts). Shortly after launch ShotGun was approached by key retailers suggesting that they package ShotGun and sell it at retail outlets. The question was…what flavor would legitimately represent Texas and Texans? Ranch Water was crafted in the fall of 2019. ShotGun was FIRST to brew this uniquely Texas cocktail with organic agave and 6.9% ABV. The FIRST in the category to be served in a 12oz can designed to highlight all of the great Texas adventures our consumers enjoy all year long.

“In the span of one year, ShotGun Seltzer grew from a single tap in Austin to Texas-wide availability in all retail channels”


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