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Inspired by classic cocktails with a Texas twist, ShotGun Spiked Seltzer delivers craft quality and a crisp taste making it perfect for all-day sippin’.

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variety 12 pack

“The first time we met was here in Austin, where we live now, where we started this business.”

One afternoon in 2018, while relaxing on their boat on Lake Austin, among the crowds of fellow boat party-goers, Brad and Lori overheard someone yell, “SHOTGUN!” Lori turned to Brad, “That’s it. That’s our brand.” ShotGun Seltzer was born in 2019, and it quickly took off.

Initially, Brad and Lori had planned for ShotGun to be a premiere Austin-based draft option with their debut flavor, Bramble.

“In the span of one year, ShotGun Seltzer grew from a single tap in Austin to Texas-wide availability.”

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